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Academic Enrichment



STEMsational Girls Club Foundation empowers girls of all ages, by challenging preconceived ideas around STEM/STEAM in traditional learning environments. We’ve made their equality and opportunity our priority.

After School Zoom Classes

Come join us for STEM Friday's!!. We invite STEM/STEAM professionals from all over the globe to present various topics to our students of all ages. Our presenters are also mentors that provide guidance, and advice on an ongoing basis. 

Girls In Future Technologies

Our GIFT Day is a two-day event dedicated to introducing young girls of all ages, to the possibilities of pursuing STEM careers.

We invite STEM/STEAM professionals to this event to speak to the students, answer questions, and provide ongoing support.

Scholarship Program


Coming Soon

Most Scholarship Programs are geared towards student who are outstanding academically.  We will be awarding scholarships to average students as well.  We want all students that are college bound to be able to receive assistance. 

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